Do Vacuum Storage Bags Really Work?

Do Vacuum Storage Bags Really Work

Vacuum storage bags work well, especially if you are traveling. These bags are also handy when it comes to moving or storing away clothes that you won’t need for a while.

You only have to ensure that you use the bags the right way, which is as per the instructions given. First, you need to be extra careful when using the plastic zipper on the vacuum storage bags.

This is because the zipper is fragile, which means that if you pull it too hard it can come off quite easily.  So, ensure you take it slowly for the best results when securing your clothes inside the bag.

Second, the vacuum storage bags also come with a fill line indicated on them. It’s the limit of the number of clothes that are recommended to fill in the bag.

The number will be different depending on the size of the storage bag you use. You shouldn’t exceed the fill line when storing your clothes inside the vacuum bags.

The results might be disappointing because the bags can only store their potential and nothing more. Third and lastly, there are instructions embedded in the vacuum storage bags for removing the air.

Ensure that you follow these instructions in detail so you can secure your clothes the right way.

Do Vacuum Storage Bags Ruin Clothes?

Vacuum bags
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Yes, and also No.

Vacuum bags are great for storing clothes but not all clothes will do well inside these bags. This is especially if you are planning to store your clothes in bags for a prolonged period.

For instance, naturally fluffy clothes or clothes with natural fibers don’t do so well in vacuum storage bags.

Another thing, the type of vacuum bag you use will also determine the effects on your clothes. According to multiple cases, research, and recommendations, the following items don’t do so well when sealed in vacuum bags:

  • Fluffy items like large coats, sleeping bags, etc.
  • Items with natural fiber such as wool

Natural fiber items shouldn’t also be stored in vacuum bags for a long time. This is because such items need to breathe, and doing that will only do them more harm. If you leave them sealed for more than six months, it will be inevitable for them to experience damage.

Similarly, fluffy items don’t also do well under compression. This is because removing air from fluffy items means they won’t be able to retain the heat, which makes them fluffy. Also, there isn’t a guarantee of how to return the items to their fluffy nature.

Therefore, ensure you don’t store fluffy items in a vacuum storage bag. And if you choose to store items with natural fiber in these bags, ensure that you don’t do so for a long time.

Do Vacuum Bags Reduce Weight?

Surprisingly, vacuum bags won’t reduce the weight of the clothes that are packed inside them. Instead, using these bags will increase the weight of the contents inside.

But why do vacuum bags increase the weight instead of reducing it?

Well, it’s essential to consider that vacuum bags also have their weights. Hence, removing air from them doesn’t come close to reducing the combined weight of the bag and your clothes.

This means that using vacuum bags will increase your luggage weight. But this isn’t something that you can’t work with, hopefully.

Benefits of Using Vacuum Storage Bags

With tough and useful questions about vacuum bags answered, let’s look at some of the perks of using these types of bags.

First, I like how you can organize different clothes in their respective bags. This saves you from getting overwhelmed when you are trying to find some items urgently.

Second, I also love these bags’ ability to secure clothes from water, molds, and any other unwanted things on your clothes.

Lastly, vacuum bags allow you to fit more luggage without having to stuff in everything you need when traveling. Using vacuum bags appropriately will get you the results you need, and I would recommend them anytime.


So, do vacuum storage bags really work? The answer is yes! Vacuum storage can be a great way to keep items safe and organized.

While it doesn’t work for all materials, it does offer an effective way to store fabrics and other textiles. It’s also a good option if you’re looking for a space-saving solution in your home or office.

With the right product, you can save money and time by preserving items for many years without having to replace them.

Ultimately, vacuum storage bags can provide a convenient way to protect your belongings while saving you space and money in the long run.