How Much Do Coach Bags Cost?

How Much Do Coach Bags Cost

Coach bags are some of the most affordable designer bags out there. The good thing about them is that they are high-quality and durable.

Coach is a notable brand that sells designer handbags, wallets, shoes, and much more. They make their handbags from high-grade leather and usually manufacture them through strict standards.

The brand doesn’t believe in shortcuts when it comes to manufacturing its products. This is why for a long time they’ve been selling limited edition and high-end accessories globally, thereby earning a good reputation.

How much do Coach bags cost? The brand released its $400 bags four years ago and high sales were recorded after they made this move.

So, What Is the Average Price for a Coach Bag?

What Is the Average Price for a Coach Bag
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Coach bags now retail at an average price of $200 although the brand plans to sell lower-priced bags in the long run, only for “gifting” purposes. The move to sell cheap bags was surprising coming from the brand since most of their bags used to sell at $2,000 to $5,000.

However, with these changes, they’ve seen a tremendous rise in sales with more women now buying Coach Inc. handbags than ever. As a luxury brand, this is commendable and shows a promising future for those interested in buying Coach bags at a lower and more affordable price.

Benefits of Buying Coach Bags

Coach bags offer a lot of benefits to buyers. Check them out below.

  • High-quality bags – Coach bags are made from quality leather and manufactured with strict standards to ensure customers get nothing but high-quality products. This is one thing that makes them stand out and ideal to buy.
  • Durable – Since all Coach bags are designed with quality leather and manufactured in the right process, they tend to be durable and serve you for a long period compared to other bags out there.
  • High skill level of employees – Coach is a brand that only hires skilled and well-experienced employees. This is why most of their products are high-quality and durable. Therefore, this is one of the benefits of buying coach bags.
  • Warranty – Coach offers warranties for all their products, which assures you that they are of high quality, and if you happen to buy a low-quality product from them, which is rare, you can always return it for a refund or exchange.
  • Reliability – Coach is a famous brand that has been around for years. Therefore, you can find plenty of information about them and the products they sell. What’s more, they offer the best customer service and are quite reliable.

Many women prefer Coach handbags because they not only sell them at an affordable price but they are also assured of top quality. In simple terms, you get value for your money which is always a good thing.

The Bottom Line

So, how much do Coach bags cost? The answer is simple, from $200 to $400 and above. It will all depend on your preferences, the size of the bag, and the type that you want. Rest assured that Coach is an ideal brand that offers nothing but quality accessories to customers.