What Should I Pack In My Diaper Bag?

The question, “What should I pack in my diaper bag?” is common among parents. And it’s reasonable no matter how experienced you are as a mother.

When it comes to taking care of a baby, one essential item every parent needs is a diaper bag. This trusty companion is a portable storage solution, allowing you to carry all the necessary items for your little one when you’re on the go.

But what exactly should you pack in your diaper bag? In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know to ensure you’re well-prepared for any situation.

What Do You Pack in a Diaper Bag?

Your diaper bag should have all the essentials to meet your baby’s needs while you’re away from home. Here are some items to consider packing:


The number one item you should always have in your diaper bag is diapers. Estimate how many diapers your baby might need when you’re out, and pack a few extras just in case. It’s better to be prepared than caught without enough diapers when needed.

Wipes: Alongside diapers, baby wipes are necessary for diaper changes and cleaning your baby’s hands or face. Pack a travel-sized pack of wipes or keep a small stack in a resealable plastic bag to save space.

Changing pad

A portable changing pad is convenient for on-the-go diaper changes. Look for one that is easy to wipe, clean, and fold up compactly.

Diaper rash cream

To prevent or treat diaper rash, including a small tube or container of diaper rash cream in your bag is a good idea. Choose a gentle brand on your baby’s skin and suitable for their age.

Extra clothes

Accidents happen, and babies are no exception. Pack at least one or two extra outfits for your little one, including a spare set of socks. Consider the weather and dress your baby accordingly.

Burp clothes/bibs

If your baby is prone to spitting up or drooling, packing a few burp cloths or bibs can be a lifesaver. They’ll help keep your baby’s clothes clean and dry.


If you’re bottle-feeding, carry pre-measured formula in a separate container or pack a ready-to-feed bottle. Don’t forget to bring along an extra bottle or two and a bottle of water for mixing the formula.


For older babies who have started eating solids, pack some age-appropriate snacks or a small container of baby food. Opt for non-perishable items or use an insulated bag or ice pack.

Pacifiers and toys

If your baby relies on a pacifier for soothing or has a favorite toy, pack them in your diaper bag. These items can help keep your little one entertained and calm.

Nursing cover/burp cloth (for breastfeeding mothers)

If you’re a breastfeeding mother, consider including a nursing cover or an extra burp cloth for privacy during feeding sessions.

How Many Outfits to Pack in a Diaper Bag?

The number of outfits you should pack in your diaper bag depends on the duration of your outing and the likelihood of your baby getting messy. As a general guideline, packing at least two extra outfits is a good starting point.

However, if you anticipate being away from home for an extended period or your baby is prone to frequent accidents, you might want to pack more. It’s always better to have extra clean clothes in unexpected situations.

What is the Best Way to Pack a Diaper Bag?

Organizing your diaper bag efficiently can save you time and frustration when finding something quickly. Here are some tips for packing your diaper bag:

  1. Use compartments or pouches: Many diaper bags have built-in compartments or pouches to help you stay organized. Use these designated spaces to separate diapers, wipes, and clothes.
  2. Keep essentials easily accessible: Items like diapers, wipes, and a changing pad should be placed in a readily accessible location so that you can grab them quickly when needed.
  3. Consider packing cubes or ziplock bags: If your diaper bag doesn’t have built-in compartments, you can use them to keep items organized and prevent them from getting jumbled together.
  4. Place heavier items at the bottom: To distribute the weight evenly and prevent the bag from tipping over, place heavier items, such as bottles or a portable baby food container, at the bottom of the bag.
  5. Don’t forget about your essentials: In addition to baby items, remember to pack essentials for yourself, such as a wallet, keys, phone, and any necessary medications.

What Do You Put in a Diaper Bag for a Newborn at the Hospital?

When preparing a diaper bag for a newborn at the hospital, you’ll want to focus on items that will help keep your baby comfortable and meet their basic needs. Here are some essential items to include:

  1. Newborn diapers: Pack sufficient newborn-sized diapers for your hospital stay. Check with your hospital to see if they provide diapers; some hospitals may supply them during your stay.
  2. Wipes: Have a pack of baby wipes or a travel-sized container for diaper changes and cleaning.
  3. Swaddle blankets: Swaddling can help your newborn feel secure and calm. Pack some soft, lightweight swaddle blankets to keep your baby cozy.
  4. Onesies/baby clothes: Pack a few onesies or newborn-sized outfits for your baby to wear during your hospital stay and for the journey home.
  5. Receiving blanket: A receiving blanket can be useful for swaddling, as an extra layer, or for tummy time.
  6. Hat and socks: Newborns can lose heat quickly, so pack a soft hat and a pair of socks to keep your baby warm.
  7. Nursing essentials (if breastfeeding): If you plan to breastfeed, bring nursing pads, nipple cream, and a nursing bra for your comfort.
  8. Going-home outfit: Choose a special outfit for your baby when leaving the hospital. Consider the weather and select clothes appropriate for the season.
  9. Car seat: While not technically part of your diaper bag, it’s essential to have a properly installed car seat ready to transport your newborn safely.

Remember to consult with your healthcare provider or consider any specific recommendations from your hospital when you pack your diaper bag for a newborn at the hospital.

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A well-stocked diaper bag can make outings with your baby more enjoyable and stress-free. When you include the essentials such as diapers, wipes, extra clothes, and feeding items, you’ll be prepared for any situation that arises while you’re on the go.

With proper organization and thoughtful packing, your diaper bag will be a reliable companion as you navigate parenting adventures away from home.